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“If word of mouth turns into a campaign, it’s Content Marketing…”

The best content marketing service has content as its root and grows with the right consumer base. Your content marketing strategy has to answer the questions your consumers ask and answer them where they expect. A good content marketing strategy will make your brand visible across channels and address your consumers wherever they are available online.

Content Marketing Objectives
  • Increased Trust
  • More Traffic
  • More Leads
  • Higher Brand Value

Why Does Your Brand Need Content Marketing?

Content marketing is critical for brand building. Once you have your brand and products ready, content marketing will start to build your brand and attract more organic traffic. Plus, it can diversify your content and spread your name and solutions to reach a larger audience.


B2B & B2C brands use content marketing


B2B Marketers consume 3-5 blogs before engaging a vendor


of online shoppers prefer blogs as an information source


Brands Spend more than $5000 p.m.


Research has shown time and again that online consumers are influenced more by the information they receive than the faces of renowned celebrities.

With new content formats, like short videos, and reels, it is easier for marketers to engage with the audience. But the content must remain relevant and informative for the audience.

Content Marketing Service at MadHawks

MadHawks' approach to content marketing service involves step-by-step understanding and dissemination of the content opportunities for the brand.

High-Quality Content Creation

Content quality can differentiate your brand from competitors. Modular, easy-to-read, and pointed short and long-form content does great for content marketing of your brand.

Whitepapers & Case Studies

Whitepapers and case studies have critical acclaim to capture the thoughts and minds of your target audience, especially for B2B brands and high-value B2C products.


The publication portfolio is a major part of your content marketing strategy. As a content marketing agency, MadHawks builds and maintains a network of publications to serve your content to your audience.

Social Media

Often brands miss out on the full potential of their content by keeping a separate social media strategy. At MadHawks we ensure that your social channels are catering the content to your social followers.

Community & Relations

As a content marketing agency, we have a growing network of publications a brand can tap into and start content marketing campaigns quickly.

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Top Content Marketing Tools for 2023

Google Trends

Steps of Content Marketing Service at MadHawks

Phase 1

Analysis and Research
  • Audience Profile
  • Key Word Research
  • Trending Queries

The analysis for content marketing strategy starts with an understanding of the audience profile. Keyword research and the selection of the most relevant keywords for the brand are also crucial for an effective strategy. This can include trend identification.

Content Marketing Strategy
  • Publisher Profiles
  • Target Authority
  • Frequency

Content marketing strategy consists of target market interest groups and associated content platforms. Publisher profiles may also vary based on your budget and target KPIs. Afterwards, a publication strategy can be formed with a number of publications.

Content Development
  • Audience Interest
  • Target KWs
  • Content Type
  • Quality Check

Once we know the publications and the types of content we are publishing, we can start creating content like blogs, posts, images, videos, etc. The content goes through a quality check before publication.

Publishing & Promotion
  • Publish Content
  • Social Media
  • Promotion

Once the content is published on third-party platforms, it can be promoted to attract more attention. The publisher also promotes specific and valuable content pieces.

Product and Service Page Content
  • Gap Analysis
  • KW Density & Diversity
  • Content Addition

The content marketing assets will redirect the traffic to landing pages on your website. Thus, the landing pages should also confer to the solutions offered or advertised in the content. This will include having the right keywords, content headings and so on.

Performance Analysis
  • Page Authority
  • Organic Traffic
  • Page Rank

We can start measuring the results of our content marketing activities in about 20-30 days. Track the performance on the set KPIs over time and adjust the course to meet or surpass the desired results.

Phase 2

Editorial Features
  • Publisher Identification
  • Long-form Content/Cases
  • Content Post & Promotion

Editorials are highly influential pieces of content. Every once in a while a good and qualified opinion about the brand can be promoted to create awareness and build trust.

In-Depth Reporting
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • Traffic & Page Authority Updates
  • New Content Opportunities

Content marketing campaign reports include activity and resulting KPIs. This includes page and domain authority changes, page rank improvements on SERP, and changes in organic and referral traffic.

Success Stories (clients’ growth, successful campaigns)

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Content marketing enables your brand to drive traffic, build trust, and create valuable business relations organically. Content marketing combined with landing page improvements can improve your conversion rates as well.

Higher organic traffic, improvements in page rank on SERP, and better traffic relevancy are a few important expectations from content marketing.

Content marketing can help all sorts of businesses, including the local business. However, larger businesses with widespread target audiences can benefit more from content marketing services.

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