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Public Relations

“A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad.” ~ Richard Branson

A brand that is trusted by consumers, employees, and investors is a brand worth a billion dollars or maybe more. That is because any product, service, or solution offered by this brand will have a much easier time capturing the market. Public relations services are one of the best possible ways you can build, and maintain your brand’s reputation for all stakeholders.

Objectives of PR Services
  • Build Positive Reputation
  • Build Awareness
  • Increase Trust
  • Stimulate Demand

Why Does Your Brand Need PR Services?

Your website is the first impression of your business for online visitors. Seamless navigation and fluid design also increase the chance of conversions on the website.


Will trust press releases over spokesperson or company website


Journalists search for press releases online


Number of metrics PR professionals must track at all times


Consumers may buy more or pay more for a product after a PR engagement


PR Services at MadHawks

MadHawks public relations service teams understand the need for storytelling while engaging with internal and external stakeholders. That’s why we include the following services to cover 360O public relations for your brand:

Media Relations

As a PR agency, we maintain relationships with several prime traditional and digital media outlets in the country.

Press Releases

Announce new products, superstar talent, or significant developments in your enterprise journey, we write detailed press releases to broadcast your story across public platforms.


We can run an outreach campaign for you to get your business space and visibility in popular public events with grand publicity opportunities and lifting brand trust.

Reputation Management

Respond to reputation threats and capture opportunities to build your brand reputation with our reputation management programs.

Crisis Management

Crisis moments are publicly sensitive moments. However, if handled correctly they can catapult your brand reputation and trust to the next level. We can help draft a crisis management strategy to help you quickly build bridges and overcome short-term setbacks.

Internal Copywriting

Engage with your internal stakeholders with a solid communique for major changes, crisis moments, and success celebrations. MadHawks PR teams can help you draft a clear and concise internal communications strategy for such critical moments.

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Tools for PR Services at MadHawks


Steps of PR Services at MadHawks

Phase 1

Brand Audit and Analysis

A good PR strategy must resonate with the brand personality and audience. So, clearly aligning the PR strategy with your brand and audience persona is the first thing we do.

Story Pitches

Storytelling is the most important part of any PR publication and communication. The story is what makes the publication effective.

The Right Promotions

Right promotion refers to the choices of publications and positioning for maximum outreach. The MadHawks PR Services team chooses the best potential publications with an adequate share of voice, presence, and reach.

Phase 2

Crisis Management

MadHawks PR executives can draft crisis management plans and communication for your brand. The goals for each crisis management plan are to sail through and capitalize on the opportunity to project brand strength.

Media Presence

Our vast media network means you are never short of publication opportunities with diverse choices of reach, voice, and audience.

Performance Analysis

We measure and track KPIs for each PR campaign, and prepare you to leverage the active PR engagement to grow your brand.

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National Publications & Media Relationships


Press releases published


Large crisis management strategies implemented


Outreach campaigns managed for large Indian brands


A PR agency is responsible for building a positive brand image for a company. PR agencies can use publications, social media, content marketing, etc. to build a positive image of a brand.

Examples of public relations include print media articles, press releases, sponsorships, media outreach, CSR activities, etc.

You can track several metrics like Active Coverage, Potential Reach, Share of Voice, Sentiment, Overall Media Presence, Domain Authority, and Earned Traffic for a PR campaign.

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