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Digital technology, smartphones, and social media have significantly changed modern consumers’ purchase journeys with brands. Yesterday’s celebrity appeal is perhaps less influential than your social work and environmental consciousness. These are the times when CSR plays a more decisive role in building trust than a renowned face on your video ads.

With more than half the world getting online every day, businesses must strive to register their presence in the digital ocean. But a mere presence is not enough. Your brand must also be visible to the relevant customers.

Thus, digital marketing services appear to get your brand afloat and visible to your audiences.

Digital Marketing Objectives
  • Right Audience
  • Consumer Voice
  • Conversions
  • Brand Loyalty

Why Does Your Brand Need Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing and online presence have made it easier for your business to become a brand. Not only that, digital platforms, peer reviews, and social media all influence consumers’ decisions.

Digital is now an inseparable and critical part of a consumer’s buying behavior…


Lift in Revenue



Lift in Recommendations



Lift in Lead to Sale Ratio


Digital Marketing Facts for Brands


World's Population on the Internet


Brands Increased Trust Through Digital


Brands Generate Higher ROI from Blogs


Consumers Search Online before Purchase

Digital Marketing Services at MadHawks

MadHawks is one of the top digital marketing services providers in India and offers the following services to B2B, B2C brands, e-commerce companies, hospitality, and healthcare sector companies:

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Steps of Digital Marketing at MadHawks

Phase 1

Brand Persona

The first step is to understand your brand’s personality. Your brand’s personality, traits, and features will help us define and design the digital assets for you so that your customers know you at first glance.

Target Consumers

Your consumers have defined your products and services, and they must define your website content, navigation, and lingo. Thus, we understand your consumers next.

Website Design & Navigation

Armed with the knowledge of the brand and consumer personalities, it’s time to build your website pages and funnel the visitors in for conversion goals.

Phase 2

SEO & Social Profiles

Once your digital presence is set up, you can start optimizing your assets to increase their visibility for your target consumers. SEO activities and social posts push your organic reach up and sustain your digital journey.


While SEO and social profiles will take time to gather an audience, PPC helps you beat your competition and start driving the bottom funnel traffic, i.e., conversions.

Content Marketing

Content marketing widens your reach and funnel efficiency at multiple levels. Start addressing consumer queries and challenges and tell the world how your products and services solve them.

Success Stories (clients’ growth, successful campaigns)


H&R Johnson

Attracts Traffic from Unexplored Channels


H&R Johnson

Attracts Traffic from Unexplored Channels

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing (CM), and Pay-per-Click (PPC) are four types of digital marketing services in India.

The four digital marketing services form the critical quadrilateral for your brand’s digital presence. But out of all SEO is the best digital marketing service all brands must prioritize.

Lead generation, capture, and nurturing are the three major parts of digital marketing.