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Thought Leadership Services

“Thought leadership is the plot of your brand’s story…”

Thought leadership is one of the ways to put your story out for the solution to exist. The best part about thought leadership is that you don’t have to have a large social media following. Thought leadership has several benefits for brands, especially B2B brands, where more than 80% of the decisions are made before starting the engagement with the seller.

Objectives of Thought Leadership
  • Solution Advocacy
  • Increase Trust
  • Brand Awareness
  • Conversions

Why Does Your Brand Need PR Services?

Research has shown that thought leadership content which offers valuable insights into problems and solutions of the buyers builds more trust for the brand. But, that’s not all…


Buyers consider organization with thought leadership content more capable


Of decision makers consume thought leadership content for at least 1 hour per week


Of B2B purchase decision happens before engaging with the seller


Present thought leaders fail to provide valuable insights to buyers


Thought Leadership Services at MadHawks

MadHawks’ content and business intelligence teams stay on top of the new data and market trends for the concerned brands. We have helped several brands prepare whitepapers and case studies to put the word out about their latest findings and market trends affecting the trade:

Thought Leadership for Logistics Businesses

The logistics business is the blood veins of the global economies. MadHawks content and business intelligence teams drive the research and content creation for the latest trends and updates in the industry with relevant.

Thought Leadership for Finance & Accounting Firms

Open banking has opened the doors for amazing new business opportunities in India. MadHawks’ BI and content teams have driven the thought leadership for emerging SaaS platforms in this domain.

Thought Leadership for Marketing Firms

Marketing is one of the most critical functions of any business. However, when you are providing marketing solutions to brands, thought leadership is important to let them know how and where your solutions make a difference.

Thought Leadership for Banking & Insurance Firms

Finance is critical for all businesses, and tight regulations and laws make for a very disciplined enterprise. Thought leadership using case studies and whitepapers can not only help consumers but also policymakers.

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Steps of Thought Leadership Services at MadHawks

Phase 1

Brand Analysis

- Understand the brand solutions and target audience

- Clear boundary lines and goal setting for thought leadership activities

Building Brand Authority

- Find relevant areas and opportunities for thought leadership for the brand

- Create video, text, and infographic content for the opportunity

Increase Brand Value

Promote the thought leadership content via the brand’s social media

Publish the brand’s story in high authority publication

Get Noticed

Bring other brands and thought leaders to comment and share the thought leadership content

Engage social media influencers to broadcast the findings to a larger audience

Phase 2

Contributor at Top Tier publications

MadHawks PR Team adds to the broadcast value of the TL content

With 50+ premium national and global publications in the network

Get Featured on Differentiated Media

MadHawks’ social media teams figure out the most relevant platforms for promoting your content

Get featured, participate, and create more content in relevant events and webinars

Trust & Credibility

Trust starts increasing for your brand and your capabilities with consistent thought leadership content

Events, videos, whitepapers, and case studies, everything can contribute to the calendar

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Success Stories (clients’ growth, successful campaigns)

With a Hawkitude

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National Publications & Media Relationships


Press releases published


Case studies published for various industries


Influencer outreach campaigns managed for B2B brands


Thought leadership content aims to address a unique problem related to a business. The thought leadership content must stick to the solutions the enterprise offers and problems the business aims to resolve in the real world. Overall, any thought leadership content is highly relevant for the industry of the enterprise or the consumers of such enterprise.

In B2B marketing thought leadership content usually refers to the opinions, evidence, and activities of the businesses and their top leaderships. These opinions must be related to the business and the industry and can be presented as a culmination of several data points or personal opinions on the issues relevant to the industry and their business.

Thought leadership content is usually classified into Industry, Organizational, and Product-oriented.

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