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Ever wondered how some businesses manage to get on top of SERPs in a very short period whereas you are unable to do the same with months of hard work?

It’s all because of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. For growing your business via e-commerce ads, Pay-per-click is the most effective method to further sustain in a highly competitive environment. PPC is that kind of advertising which can help a fledgling business drive conversions, increase their ROAS and get other benefits in a highly competitive market. PPC activities help you target the lower funnel audience and bring them to your business page.

Though PPC will not replace the hard work of SEO, it can reward you for the smart work. It comprises various components including social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, visitor analysis, and many more. Together these components can build a strong digital funnel and drive conversions for any business.

Objectives of PPC Advertising
  • Increase ROAS
  • Improve Brand Recall
  • Improve Sales Funnel
  • Drive Conversions

What is PPC?

PPC or pay-per-click is one of the most popular online advertising models. The model works based on the clicks advertisers receive on their ads. The ads appear on several digital interfaces associated with the platform. User action is one of the primary reasons for the popularity of this advertising mode.

PPC advertising services include platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Why Does Your Business Need PPC?

With almost half the world’s consumers relying on online search to find their next shopping items, online advertising is now critical for all brands. While organic search can take a few months to put your brand on top of relevant search results, PPC helps you to catch the eyes of your customer almost overnight.

Still doubtful about starting your PPC journey? Here are some stats that will change your mind:

Google Ads
  • 10x More Leads (Saraf Furniture)
  • 150% Increase in Monthly Orders (Juicy Chem.)
  • 300% YoY Growth for the Business (Chumbak)
YouTube Ads
  • 4x Increase in Brand Search (Rakuten)
  • 1500% Increase in Website Visitors (William Painter)
  • 34% Lower CPA (Aegon Life)
Meta Ads (Facebook)
  • 7.9 Point Lift in Ad Recall (Byzu’s)
  • 9.4x Lift in Favourability (vivo)
  • 9.5x Return on Ad Spend (Lulus)
  • 3x Higher Purchases from Ad Visitors (Growus)
  • 6.2 Point Lift in Ad Recall (Clean & Clear)
  • 16% Lift in Sales (Country Bean)
  • 175% Growth in Qualified Leads (HDFC Life)
  • 50% Lead Form Submission Rate (freshworks)
  • 2x Lead-to-Enrolment (upGrad)

PPC Advertising Services at MadHawks

PPC campaign management services at MadHawks include all paid digital advertising services. The following are the PPC services that we offer:

PPC for Local Business

PPC advertising is one of the best marketing tools for local businesses. All platforms, including Google and Facebook, allow localized advertising to appear for your customers within a region. Also, local ads are run on per-lead cost instead of PPC.

PPC for Hospitality

Hospitality businesses can benefit greatly from PPC ads to increase their brand recall online. PPC has also proven to generate higher conversions for hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Use different platforms to engage and drive booking for your hospitality business.

PPC for E-Commerce

PPC provides great opportunities to expand the funnel for e-commerce businesses. Whether you are a small e-commerce setup or a large brand PPC can help you compete at the top of the SERP page, recall visitors to your store and drive conversions.

PPC for Automobile

Pay per Click advertising can help automobile brands penetrate new markets, position their latest models, and drive store walk-ins for the region. PPC may even be a critical factor for automobile brands as model upgrades are more frequent than ever.

PPC for Educational Institutes

Pay per Click services for educational institutes helps drive enrolments by targeting relevant audiences. PPC channelizes your ad resources through focused advertising among the most relevant target groups.

PPC for B2B Enterprise

Pay-per-Click campaigns for B2B enterprises are as important as any B2C business. PPC campaign helps you target your consumers at all levels in the funnel, generate more leads and increase thought leadership.

PPC for Healthcare

Healthcare services can use Pay-per-Click campaigns to attract patients and healthcare seekers for the relevant services. PPC can improve your appearance for relevant searches and brand recall for the audience.

Madhawks Toolbox for PPC Advertising


Google Keyword Planner


Facebook Ad Library




Google Ads Editor






Google Analytics



Steps of PPC Campaign Management at MadHawks

Phase 1

Determining regions with the highest potential
  • Focusing on the most profitable regions helps achieve a quick success
  • Successes from one area can be replicated in others

Create a go-to-market strategy
  • Bringing together all the key elements that drive your business
  • A strategic action plan that provides a roadmap to reach your target customers and position your brand in the marketplace

Determine digital marketing channels with the highest return
  • Finding out the campaigns and event sponsorships that are worthy of your company dollars
  • With our detailed research and experience, we use the perfect blend of all elements under PPC to get the best results possible

Phase 2

Strategic market launch
  • Outlining the selling ideas and procedures your brand can use
  • We will identify and research your competitors and customers and create a launch that is unique and well describes your products

Determine the cost per acquisition by channel
  • Spreading your marketing budget equally to get you the best results
  • With our customer analytics knowledge, we trace the paying customer’s journey so that we know what areas have the most traction and what areas need to be worked on

Sales across different countries
  • Expanding your reach is one of the main objectives we aim to achieve
  • Not only will we ensure the best customer experience locally but also take it to an international level

Why MadHawks for PPC Services in India?

USD 150K

Yearly Spend Managed

25+ Successful Campaigns

In the Last 3 Years


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Ready For The Madness?


With a Hawkitude

Why Madhawks

We work with a Vision

Consumer-Oriented Approach

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Comprehensive Strategy

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Pay-per-click advertising services include the following types of ads:
  • Search Ads: These ads appear as text on SERPs when users search for something related.
  • Display Ads: These ads appear as images/videos on different websites or apps.
  • Social Ads: Social Ads refer to the promotional advertisements that appear on the feed pages of different social media platforms.
  • Remarketing Ads: Remarketing Ads target users who have already visited your website. These ads are just like reminders for them to complete their buying journey.
  • Google Shopping Ads: Google shopping ads appear as a carousel where different products of a particular business are listed along with their prices.
  • Local Services Ads: Local services ads work on a pay-per-lead model. The advertisers will pay only when a visitor has converted into a lead.

The pay-per-click advertising model is one of the fastest working models under digital marketing and helps you grow your business fast. SEO may take months to rank on the first page of SERP. However, PPC advertisements start appearing on the top of SERPs within a few hours after publishing. It increases relevant traffic on your website and helps you boost your website conversions.

A website or a business that works online must use PPC marketing, especially in the initial stages of their business. It is because PPC advertising helps you rank higher on search engines even without having very much authority in your domain. With the right strategy, your website ad can appear on the top of the best SEO-influenced website.

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